Orchid Mantis

Orchid Mantis Turntable (2016)

Medium:       Zbrush, Cinema 4D

Purpose:       This piece was created to learn the workflow of sculpting, retopologizing, and rendering a subject of choice from conception to completion.

Process:        Research on the Orchid Mantis was done before creating concept sketches to understand its form and anatomy. These sketches were brought in as an image plane into Zbrush for proportional reference. Zspheres were used to block out the major forms before an adaptive skin was applied. The mesh was Dynameshed to allow for free form sculpting. As I knew that I may have needed to apply a different shader to the leg petal pieces, I modelled those separately. Once the sculpting was complete, I polypainted the model. Retopology and generating UV maps follows, before everything was brought into Cinema 4D for applying lighting and materials.