Biomedical Communicator

Whale Dreams


Whale Dreams Photo Banners (2015)

Client:          Beaty Biodiversity Museum, UBC

Audience:     Visitors to the museum

Medium:       Adobe Illustrator, Indesign

CREDITS: Coralline algae, red coral, and salmon bases were created by supervisor Derek Tan. Giant kelp in the background of the left poster was created by work study student Ada Sin. 

I was tasked to coordinate and create the photo backdrop banners for Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s temporary art exhibit titled “Whale Dreams.” Visitors to the museum can take a photo of themselves against the photo background as one of the activities to the museum. All elements of the poster were created in Adobe Illustrator to make sure the art was clean and to prevent pixelization as the banners were to be printed in large scale. Placement of the organisms was done on Indesign.